DM Print Ltd.

Direct Mail, Data, and Print

We are a UK based direct mail company specialising in data services and designing and printing direct marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Please read our COVID-19 message here.

DM Print Ltd.

Direct Mail, Data, and Print

We are a UK based direct mail company specialising in data services and designing and printing direct marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Please read our COVID-19 message here.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Special terms & conditions

And – daily fulfilment and insurance renewal programs (please see paragraph 7 below).

Effective commencing 1st May 2020

Given the distressing and unfortunate situation that we are all currently in, we will reluctantly be suspending all SLAs and planned delivery dates for all clients work and alongside our partners, will now be taking a ‘best effort’ approach.

For some businesses this may be worrying, but as you are aware these are unprecedented times, and we’re working hard with our supplier partners and personnel to ensure that we do the best that we can for all clients. Should we find ourselves in an unforeseen situation where we are short of personnel for any reason, then we will prioritise daily/ regular response fulfilment and insurance renewals.

Government curbs on movement and social interaction have resulted in key suppliers (eg Xerox - who maintain our digital and laser printers) currently restricting maintenance visits provided there have been no Coronavirus incidents on site.

Royal Mail have brought forward collection times to between 12noon and 4pm (normally earlier within this period) – rather than the normal 3.30/4pm – meaning that mailings could have to be despatched the following day.

Our communications and internet provider has advised that faults and service resolution times are likely to be delayed where any repair activity involves engineers inside client premises and due to other critical work being prioritised.

Our own staff resources are also reduced as workloads have dried up and we have had to reluctantly lay staff off under the government staff retention scheme. 40% of personnel were furloughed at the start of April; and a further 40% will be furloughed before the start of May as the vast majority of our work will have completely dried up due to jobs being cancelled and new projects not materializing from our charity, retail and tourism clients.

Commencing 1st May, we will go forwards and only operate a skeleton resource that ONLY handles daily response fulfilment and insurance renewals, excepting that we may be able to undertake the odd other “suitable/ straightforward print and mailing job”. The main difficulty in trying to maintain any other services is that they are ad hoc and sporadic, with no continuity of production, meaning that these other services are largely economically unviable at this moment in time as we cannot afford to maintain a full production resource on the basis that “we may have some work to do now and again”. The fact is that 80% of our work has dried up because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank goodness that we can try to maintain personnel’s incomes via the Coronas virus furlough scheme, and thank goodness that this has now been extended through until the end of June.

The question is - How could this impact our customers?

Orders in progress

Bespoke orders in progress may be delayed – but the good news is that we are managing to complete all current orders.

New orders

We will only accept new bespoke orders where we believe that we have the necessary resources (although delivery dates may be delayed). NB It is unlikely that we would be able to undertake “complex match-mail” enclosing jobs.

On-going daily response fulfilment and insurance renewals

We will maintain daily business services as usual. Client facing teams are naturally smaller, but respective contacts will be advised to all customers.

Invoicing and Payment

Work done will be invoiced to any respective stage of production. Normally this is when a project is complete. But, in the event that we cannot complete production then the client agrees that all work done MUST be paid for even if we are prevented from completing it due to government or supplier (maintenance) or other restrictions beyond the control of DMPrint Ltd.

These are difficult and volatile times. PLEASE try to remain calm and professional and understand the enormous difficulties and uncertainties that we all face. Thank you for your continued support.

Keep safe ----- and apart. Best regards,



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What our clients say


Just wanted to thank you for all of your help in the past few months. I have really enjoyed working with you all and think you are a great company, wish I had discovered you years ago!

Agency Client

Nice card to have up my sleeve when we have to get things done quickly and literally just go to press.

Financial Services Client

DMP are professional, innovative, friendly and motivated; they have a great design team who are happy to help create modern, forward thinking designs based on your own ideas.

Automotive Services Client