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Digital Print at DMP
Dale Brett / 29 October 18

Behind the scenes with Digital Print at DMP

Applications of Digital Print
Dale Brett / 17 September 18

What you can do with the features of Digital Print to impress your customers?

What is Digital Print?
Dale Brett / 12 September 18

What is digital print, and why is it so suited to Direct Mail?

Behind the Scenes at DMP
Asim Ijaz / 23 August 18

Take a peek behind the scenes of DMP in this short video.

New joint industry committee to report on Direct Mail
Linda Furniss / 20 February 18

Advertising mail is the third biggest channel in the UK, worth £1.7bn but until now has not had a recognised audience measurement...

How to create appealing direct mail campaigns to Gift Aid donors
Linda Furniss / 8 January 18

Charities can significantly boost their income via tax-effective giving but are still missing out on millions each year in Gift Aid income, according to the Institute of Fundraising...

The Top 8 Direct Mail Mistakes
Dale Brett / 5 December 16

Are you making any of these basic direct mail mistakes?

Print Colours Explained
Dale Brett / 18 November 16

If you have ever had to supply digital artwork to a printer you will more than likely have been asked to supply the images as CMYK as opposed to RGB, but what does this mean?

Digital Stamps
John Rose Parker / 18 November 16

Bulk mailings can easily be identified by the telltale postage logo on the envelope, find out more about digital stamps and PPIs.

Die-Cutting and Shaping
John Rose Parker / 18 November 16

Sometimes a rectangular or square leaflet or mailer just won’t do. If you want to stand out, the best option can be to produce your print item in the shape of your product, or something relating to it.