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Direct Mail

Direct mail is printed information mailed out in the post from businesses to lists of names and addresses that may be customers or prospects.

All kinds of marketing messages, promotional material, soft touches, event invitations, and membership details are all ideal uses of direct mail.

We understand the power of direct mail as well as the control you can achieve with intelligent personalisation; we'll help you to connect and communicate in ways that make people feel special, for results that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We've been processing, printing, and mailing quality direct mail for many years and our DM experts know exactly what elements you need to achieve your goals.

When it comes to managing projects smoothly we form a single brief, a single schedule and a single point of contact, for every single job.

We can guide you through the entire process: from creative and artwork to production, from data sourcing and selections to cleaning and processing, from proofs to approval; saving you money by recommending the best stocks, mailing services, and industry best practices.

We know that sometimes direct mail can seem complicated, so we've created the DMP Hub to answer all of your questions.

Direct Mail

Laser or Inkjet

We can advise you about the most suitable format for your campaign. High quality laser or ink jet personalisation is available on letters, application forms, one-piece mailers or postcards.

Digital Packs

With digital printing you are not limited to lasering simple text personalisation in black and white; intelligent software allows us to print any text and/or images, in any fonts or styles, during the print run to create stunning mailing packs that are targeted at the individuals you want to reach.

Our trained team can advise you about digital formats, paginations, artwork, data formatting, and the available finishes digital printing provides.

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When one of your customers makes a request for more information, you want to be able to fulfil that request as soon as possible; we can receive data daily and depending on the volume we can print, produce, and fulfill the same day; we also have manual data capture options for capturing and fulfilling handwritten or printed response devices.

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Direct Mail Formats

Create Direct Mail Online

More and more services are moving online and direct mail is no different; we know that some companies would prefer to handle their communications personally but don't have the knowledge or the production facilities, which is why we developed Hello Market.

Hello Market gives you everything you need to design, schedule, and send out engaging Dynamic Direct Mail campaigns whenever you want to whoever you want - all online.

With access to many different mailing formats, free stock imagery, free consumer data, online proofing tools, and next day turnaround - all wrapped in a web based interface, every company can make use of Hello Market.

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Contact Us

For more information about Direct Mail, digital, or online services and how we can help you, please call us on 01535 608405, visit our contact page, or use our direct chat feature to speak to one of our team.