Online Database Access

DMP's secure data servers allow us to host multiple databases of all different sizes; using Dimension, our Rapid Database Deployment Solution, we can create a user interface accessed using a web browser which allows user interaction with one or more databases.

Dimension Features

  •   Secure online database hosting
  •   Search, View, and Modify data records
  •   Capture new records onto your database
  •   Easy to use Query Builder
  •   Data Extraction
  •   Data Counting
  •   Bespoke real time reporting
  •   Custom permissions for multiple users
  •   Upload and download files and documents to and from your datbase

Find out more

We can convert any database into a Dimension database; if you have a database in a different format or a collection of customer records and/or transaction records we can construct a database for you to interact with.

For more information about Dimension or database management services please call us on 01535 608405, visit our contact page, or use our direct chat feature to speak to one of our team.