Applications of Digital Print

17th June 2020

Last time we talked about what Digital Print is and the differences between digital and traditional printing methods.

Now we’re going to look at what you can do with the features of Digital Print to impress your customers, prospects, family, and friends.

Bold, Bright Names

Seeing your name in print is great; seeing your name printed in a huge font in bright colours on a well-designed mailing piece is irresistible. With Digital Print every one of your recipients can “see their name in lights” and with 80%* of people preferring personalised mail-pieces you’ll be on to a winner.

Readable Fonts

We’ve all seen an older relative struggling to read small text on correspondence they’ve received; with Digital Print you can increase the font size and contrast for older customers making it easier for them to read your message whilst other recipients receive your standard pack.

Relevant Images

It can be confusing to receive a piece of mail that’s addressed to you but looks like it was created for someone completely different. An older lady receiving mail with images of young women or men, for example, might not be inclined to read your mailing. Instead, take advantage of Digital Print and send relevant images for each recipient.

Customised Offers

Customised offers are a great use of digital print. Discounts can be given to customers based on how much they have previously spent, e.g. 10% for low spenders, 15% for moderate spenders, and 20% for higher spenders. But why keep it as simple as changing the value in some text? With Digital Print you can change the colours and surrounding imagery; you could easily have the text in bronze, silver, or gold depending on the value.


If you’re holding an event or need to tell people where your business is you might want to include directions on your mail pack. With Digital Print you can send different directions to different people depending on where they live, and not just text directions either, how about maps?

Split Testing

Digital Print makes it easy to test different messages and copy. A single print run can send an A or B version to different customers so you can see which content is more effective.

Request Fulfilment

Maybe you receive regular requests for information from your customers. Instead of having a big pile of pre-printed leaflets you’ll have to put in an envelope and write the address on the front followed by a stamp, you could simply print a small run of Digital Packs whenever you need them and mail them directly.

If any of your details or offers change you can easily update your digital artwork for your next print run and you won’t be left with a large collection of out of date leaflets to be thrown away.

Accessing Digital Print

If you want to take advantage of the features of Digital Print then there are several routes available.

Managed Service

If you’re unsure of which features would benefit your business you can choose to use a managed service. Digital Print specialisst can make suggestions for your marketing campaign and will take you through the process of creating a digital print job.

DMP have a wide range of experience designing and implementing Digital Print mailings and can help you create the perfect mail pack to impress your customers.

Existing Setup

If you already have a Digital Print project in mind and know what personalisation and digital features you would like to use, DMP’s digital team can create and produce your Digital Print project in no time at all.

Contact DMP today and we’d be happy to discuss your Digital Print options.

DIY Digital Print

Digital Print doesn’t require specialist artwork setups or printing knowledge, with this in mind, DMP have created a product called Hello Market which allows anybody to design their own personalised direct mail packs online using a web browser.

Find out more about Hello Market at

*Statistics from the DMA 2015 Response Rate Report