Grazing – The New Mode of Direct Mail

26th September 2016

We recently had an article published on Output Magazine entitled “Grazing – the new mode of direct mail”. In this article our managing director, Tony Kemp, explains how the direct mail industry is changing and how Hello Market it at the forefront of this change.

In the past many companies used the strategy of doing two or three huge campaigns per year which were sent to hundreds of thousands of customers or potential customers. This was not only hugely expensive but all recipients were sent a pretty generic mailing which was not specifically targeted at them. Of course the expense of this scattergun approach precluded smaller businesses who simply could not afford to do this as the ROI was so low.

Today’s technological advances, in particular personalised online mailing solutions such as Hello Market, have drastically changed the way we can communicate with our customers and prospects.

We have likened this to the way we now consume food. In the past most families had formal mealtimes where everybody sat down at the same time and ate the same meal. Due to time, work, and other pressures many families today consume what they want, when they want it. Kids may have one meal at a certain time of day whereas the adults may have another meal later on. Sometimes formal meals are just not possible and food is consumed “on the go”. As the article says “formal family mealtimes are giving way to on-the-go grazing”.

In direct mail we no longer have to give everybody the same thing and at the same time. Campaigns can now easily and cost-effectively be created which target specific groups of people based on the information we know about them. Rather than have a mass mail-out a few times a year smaller personalised campaigns can be continually mailed throughout the year delivering targeted and relevant information at the right time.

Grazing rather than mass catering is significantly more cost effective allowing not only large companies to increase their ROI but also enabling companies of any size to create personalised direct mail.