How to create appealing direct mail campaigns to Gift Aid donors

8th January 2018

Charities can significantly boost their income via tax-effective giving but are still missing out on millions each year in Gift Aid income, according to the Institute of Fundraising.

Direct mail campaigns to these high net worth donors can be made more appealing and therefore bring more results if they include certain key features.

Here are a few tips which will help your campaign be more successful:

  • We all respond well to knowing how our donation has been used and the impact it is going to make, so tell a life story from the perspective of a relative or existing supporter.
  • Previous mailings may have been sent to as many donors on the database as possible, resulting in mailings to undeliverable addressees.Save money and target the right people by cleaning
  • mailing lists regularly to remove deceased and goneaways, duplicates or incomplete addresses so that you can be more confident mailings will reach the right people with less wastage.
  • Include individuals who donate every month to see if they will give an additional gift this tax year.
  • Encourage donations of a larger amount by segmenting in steps of £25 to £250.
  • Personalised mail increases responses, so ensure the recipient’s name is used boldly and clearly and that it stands out.
  • Don’t forget that ‘Thank you’ note – recognising a donation and sending a personalised thank you is worth its weight in gold (and future donations).
  • Make sure your Call to Action – in this case to donate via Gift Aid, is clearly shown – in several places.

It takes time and thought to put together a campaign so it’s worth the effort to include these tips and to plan the message, layout and format of the mail pack to maximise response and income.