Make the most of your data insights

26th September 2016

Once we understand what data insights are we can put them to use in our overall marketing and communication strategies to help attract and retain more customers.

Data insights allow us to specifically target and engage the right customers with the right products and services that they are likely to be interested in. With that in mind it’s important to take the time to identify and collate the key features and benefits of whatever it is we are selling because these are the hooks that will draw potential customers in.

Once we have identified these particulars we can then cherry pick the ones that fit the customer profiles that our data insights have helped us to build.

For example, a financial services company will have younger couples within their CRM who are more likely to be interested in financial products that help them plan and build for the future such as pensions, mortgages, long term saving, etc. As such the communications and marketing they send to them should be offering these kinds of products.

Making the most of print

Modern print technology, in particular digital print, now allows us to select any piece of data stored within a CRM or data file and use it to personalise a piece of printed mail.

This can be as simple as a salutation or forename inserted into a headline or section of text, and the beauty of it is that this can be done for every person in our data list in one print job.

However, the real value lies is in using data insights to pick far more interesting and engaging personalisation elements. For example we could change colours of text, offers, images, font sizes, whole blocks of text and even contrast based on the information we hold in our data which means we produce a mail campaign where every person receives a mail piece that’s tailored to them in multiple ways – not just their name.

Why is this important?

Think about the amount of mail we receive, when it’s unsolicited, un-personalised and is communicating products or services that have no relevance to us, what happens to it? It goes in the bin and then becomes a waste of paper, resource and money; the correct utilization of data insights stops this from happening.

Gone are the days when we needed to mail millions of cheaply produced flyers to illicit a good response, by combining well managed data and digital print software such as Hello Market we can send highly targeted and personalised mail campaigns of variable volumes without waste.