New joint industry committee to report on Direct Mail

20th February 2018

Advertising mail is the third biggest channel in the UK, worth £1.7bn but until now has not had a recognised audience measurement.

All change, with the new Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMAIL).

JICMAIL has been established by an industry-wide group to provide the same metrics for mail that are available for other channels and are used by planners regularly to help plan media campaigns.

This is good news for the direct marketing industry as it gives us an authoritative body to collate and report findings and research results

JICMAIL is gathering new data for mail, producing metrics relating to its reach and frequency that sit alongside those for all other major channels. This means for the first time, mail can be planned in the context of, and in head-to-head comparison with, other media.

The first annual report makes good reading; here’s a summary:

  • 65% of all addressed mail is opened
  • Each item reaches an average of 1.2 people per household and is read or revisited on average 4.2 times.
  • The more people in a household, the more a piece of mail is shared and passed on.
  • The average household receives 1.3 items of addressed mail each day
  • Even after 28 days, 27% of mail is still ‘live’ within the household

Download the full JICMAIL report here: