Reply Devices and Direct Mail

28th January 2023

Reply devices can include order forms, donation requests and membership sign-ups. A direct mail reply device, whatever form it may take, allows recipients to respond directly to a specific request or offer. If you want to increase engagement, including a reply device could be a masterstroke.

When to include a reply device

Whenever you’re requesting a specific response to your mailing, including a reply device is a simple way to increase response rates. When creating your mailing, consider the call to action and whether it could be presented as a reply device.

Reply device best practices

Make it easy to just “sign and return” – If you can, pre-complete the reply device with clients’ details, make sure the instructions are clear and that the next step is obvious.

Allow room for changes – If you pre-fill, be sure to leave space next to any personal details for the recipient to note amendments.

Make the form big enough – make sure the lines or boxes provided are large enough to accommodate the information you’re requesting.

Be careful what you ask for – remove barriers for recipients by only requesting essential information. If you’re requesting sensitive information, you are required under GDPR guidelines to provide ‘fair processing information’. Essentially, you need to explain why you need a given piece of information and how you plan to use it. A clear privacy statement is a must.

For more information, read here

Consider your audience – If you’re mailing to an older audience, increase font size and contrast of the text to allow for easier reading.

Create urgency – Use your reply device to reinforce your sales message and provide a clear deadline to create a sense of urgency.

Design matters – The look of your reply device should draw attention and distinguish it from other parts of your mail pack. Avoid committing any major design faux pas like red type on black or vice versa.

Include a BRE (business reply envelope) – This ties back into the “sign and return” principle. Including a reply envelope keeps recipients data secure and makes returning the device simple. Fold and glue options allow reply device to double as BRE’s for a more cost-effective mailing.

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