Sometimes, less is more.

9th April 2023

One-piece mailers are an increasingly popular direct mail solution, offering several key benefits and a viable alternative to multi-piece mailpacks.

As the name suggests, one piece mailers are formed of a single printed component sent through the post. Popular formats include tab-sealed multi-page mailers like leaflets, posters and brochures.

Folding, tab-sealing and gluing allow one-piece mailers to be posted securely without the need for a standard outer envelope.

Fewer Items = More Space?

You might think that slimming down your mailing to a single item would mean slimming down your content. However, thanks to clever formats and folding, one-piece mailers offer ample space to accommodate varied marketing messages

Lean & Green

One-piece mailers provide greater economy of materials. Fewer pieces means less paper. No envelope means no plastic window and greater recyclability. Fewer materials, printing and enclosing means lower cost to the customer. Finally, all this economy can even mean faster production times. So that’s a win, win, win…win? [Counts on fingers]

Eye Appeal

One-piece mailers offer an ideal platform to showcase some eye-catching imagery. The lack of a conventional outer envelope means artwork is immediately on full display, providing the perfect opportunity to deliver maximum visual impact and grab the attention of your recipients.

One on One

As they’re formed from a single sheet, the entirety of a one-piece mailer can be customised to include personalised salutations, offers and information. This level of customisation allows marketers to create highly engaging mail pieces that immediately hook the recipient.

Data Protection by Design

All of these personalised elements can be included with total peace of mind. With traditional multi-piece mailers, personalised mail items are produced separately and then matched together to form a single pack. Using a one-piece mailer eliminates the matching process and minimises the risk of mismatched personalised mail items.

So, next time you plan a direct mail campaign, consider whether your message could work as a one-piece mailing.

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