DM Print Ltd featured in IPIA’s Innovation magazine.

20th September 2019

Read the full transcript of our feature in IPIA’s Innovation magazine below:

DMP sets out to shine its light

One of the longest serving Members of the IPIA, DM Print, has been undergoing a quiet revolution as it has overcome setbacks, competition and turbulent market conditions to now launch a set of innovative products.

“The intricacies of the industry, the technicalities of production and the complexities of data privacy all play a role in making direct mail feel inaccessible to the uninitiated. My challenge, (one of many) is how best to share this knowledge with the world at large,” explains marketing executive Iain Schofield.

He continues: “Our solution (the first piece of the puzzle)? A quarterly newsletter. Our Direct Mail HUB publication was launched last month to a great reception. Our summer edition features succinct and insightful commentary on direct mail, print and the wider marketing environment. We’ve combined brief explanatory articles with light-hearted behind-the-scenes content from our very own corner of the direct marketing landscape.

“With each issue of HUB, we want to share the collective knowledge of some of the industries most experienced heads in a way that engages, informs or, at the very least, raises an eyebrow of intrigue from the reader.”

In other news, DM Print has continued to cement its position as a go-to full service direct mail provider for the non-profit sector. Indeed, it recently secured a lucrative invite to the annual Hospice Lotteries Association conference, thanks in large part, to its consistent enterprise and collaboration within the sector.

DM Print will also be bringing to IPIA events its innovative, software driven, approach to raffle mailings. It has unveiled an updated version of its on-demand direct mail platform Hello Market.

Iain concludes: “We’ve added a new infrastructure, templates and design tools to make the process of creating and sending personalised direct mail more accessible than ever. Similarly, the Doing More website is receiving a fresh lick of paint so that it will deliver a far more engaging user-experience.”