From Brittany to Britain

9th August 2017

Machinery experts from DMP went from Britain to Brittany to find a green solution to a press problem – and saved £750,000 into the bargain.

Rick Ambler and Wayne Clare, who look after our litho presses, went on the hunt for a sustainable way to replace our worn out Man Roland 300 litho press.

It’s a common enough problem – parts for this model now have to be made to order, which is a lengthy and costly process. Rather than do this, or go down the scrap-and-buy-new route, we preferred to find an identical second hand litho press and upcycle bits from both to end up with a fully working machine plus a bank of spare parts.

Rick and Wayne found the perfect replacement litho press, in Lannion in Brittany, but faced a new challenge in moving the machine to Keighley.

Not to be put off, Rick supervised the painstaking process of taking the new litho press to pieces, bit by bit, packed it and sent it into haulage. Once it arrived, he spent a further two weeks reassembling it.

As well as being a more environmentally friendly solution, it saved around £750,000 on the cost of a new litho press and means we have invested into the future as well as having a set of spare parts that would make any engineer proud!