Hello Market: Leading edge technology that’s affordable

24th May 2017

Hello Market is DM Print’s online direct mail platform, which allows you to create personalised printed mail to generate interest and grow your business, and now we’ve revised our prices which means you’ll pay even less for your mailing campaigns when you order 51 or more items * prices shown exc. VAT.

Hello Market’s sliding price scale gives you massive flexibility when ordering your mailing campaigns, postcards are just 60p per item when you order 51 or more items, that includes print, production and delivery costs! But increase your order 101, and the price drops to 51p; order 501 or more items and you’ll pay just 43p per postcard including delivery.

Even larger discounts are available when you choose to mail more items, the more you send the more you save!

Check out Hello Market’s brand new pricing page which gives you all the information you need to choose a mailing format and price to send

Brand new mailing formats

Though many of our customers love our larger postcard formats which maximise the amount of content you can send, we’ve been listening and realise that a lot of businesses have pre-designed artwork in standard sizes, so we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added standard A6 and A5 sized postcards to our format collection, along with a one sided A4 letter format to help save our customers even more money.