It’s the most wonderful card of the year

4th November 2017

Just in time for Christmas, there’s now a way to send the most fun and personalised Christmas card you’re ever likely to see to your clients or family and friends.

DMPrint have had a wonderful time producing their own personalised elf Company Christmas card so that individual members of staff could say Merry Christmas to their clients. Feedback was an overwhelming brilliant – ‘what a fun way to put a face to a name’. Now other companies and families can go online to produce their very individual and unique personalised Christmas cards featuring elves with the faces of staff or family.

We thought these elfish cards would be perfect for others to send so we have simplified and developed and created some tools for customers to use in Hello Market, DMP’s direct mail online software service, so that anyone can create their own personalised elf card from any computer with internet access. We’ve even produced a couple of merry little videos to walk you through the elf card production.

Swap faces of each elf with members of your staff or family, mix and match bodies and hats of each elf or choose from one of the several elf templates, personalise each card with the name of the recipient by uploading your data and upload your office signatures. Elf Christmas card done!

Tony Kemp, MD of Hello Market said ‘We were so pleased with the feedback from our own elf card that we wanted to make it available to everyone. Mixing and matching faces of family or staff with elves is so much fun and very rewarding using Hello Market. Uploading staff signatures saves so much time and uploading your client database to use the recipient’s name to personalise each card means that the end result is a truly individual Christmas card which will be valued and kept. The fact that we print and mail all the cards direct means sending your Christmas cards this year will be both clever and hassle free!’

DMP is the company behind the Hello Market direct mail platform, which allows businesses of all sizes to create tailored, personalised, dynamic direct mail campaigns. Hello Market software is free to use online and users only pay for what they print and mail. There are no set up costs and no minimum run charges, so it’s ideal for every organisation to use for some or all of its communications requirements.