The remains of the Man Roland delivered to the scrapyard in the sky

24th January 2018

DMP today waved goodbye to the remains of an old friend who has served us well over the years – the bare bones of our well used but worn out Man Roland 300 litho press.

The press worked hard during its time in DMP’s print warehouse, giving an astounding 370 million impressions and then providing a bank of £400,000 of spare parts to go into the engineering stores for future use in the replacement litho press which was bought from Brittany in August.

Finally stripped down to the point where nothing else could usefully be recycled, 25 tonnes today were loaded onto haulage for scrap.

Rick Ambler, who looked after the press and kept it well-oiled and in pristine condition during its working life, said “the 15 year old R300 was well used and reliable, working hard and then finally donating all of the parts it could. Looking after all our machines and also working within the ISO 14001 environmental standards is important to us and today we saw what was left delivered to the scrap yard in the sky knowing we had fulfilled both of these roles”.