Same chance to win.
Less chance to lose.

Our fresh approach to raffle/lottery/prize draw mailings is flexible, simple, cost effective and provides greater security.

  • Cost-effective
    in almost all cases, our new design will be more cost-effective to produce and ship than your current prize draw offering.
  • Simple
    Offers everything your patrons expect from a prize draw pack, but in a simpler single piece mailing.
  • Secure
    The design follows GDPR’s ‘data protection by design’ principle, identifying and minimising any risks to personal data.
  • Flexible
    Our new design is versatile and available across multiple formats. We even have a design department on hand who can customise the mailing to suit you.

For more information on how our mailer could benefit you, send us a message using the form below, by email, or give us as a call - we will be happy to help.

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