Direct Mail, Data & Print Services for Charities & Fundraisers

The charities sector plays a crucial role in supporting countless individuals, communities, and causes. The heart of any organisation within this sector lies in effective communication, be it reaching out to existing donors, attracting new supporters, or raising awareness about vital campaigns. DM Print, with its expertise in crafting impactful direct marketing campaigns, stands poised to support these noble endeavours.

For larger national organisations, including charities and hospices, the challenge often lies in addressing a vast and diverse supporter base. Tailored messaging, segment-specific appeals, and timely communication can make the difference between a successful fundraising campaign and a missed opportunity. With DM Print’s adept data services, these organisations can segment and target their audiences with precision, ensuring that every message strikes the right chord.

Local and community-based organisations, which can range from smaller charities to community hospices, face the equally challenging task of cultivating deep, meaningful relationships with their supporters. With DM Print’s bespoke direct mail solutions, these organisations can create personalised appeals, updates, and thank-you notes that resonate with their supporters, fostering loyalty and engagement.

Specialist organisations, including charities focused on specific issues such as health conditions, animal welfare, or environmental conservation, and hospices providing end-of-life care, benefit from DM Print’s ability to design campaigns that not only inform but also inspire action. Through eye-catching designs and compelling narratives, DM Print helps these organisations shine a spotlight on their cause, mobilising support and advocacy.

At DM Print, our print services are moulded to fit organisations across the spectrum, from charities and fundraisers to hospices. From high volume lithographic print runs to more niche digital projects, our guidance ensures cost-effective, impactful results.

Lowering Your VAT Burden

VAT costs (currently charged at 20%) can be an unwanted, and sometimes confusing, additional expense for charities and hospices to bear. However, our in-house VAT experts are on hand to help. By suggesting minor tweaks to mailing packs, we ensure that your organisation gleans significant VAT savings. Recognising the common hurdle of sourcing creative, we’ve stepped up by offering a full spectrum of graphic design services. Be it subtle tweaks or a total design revamp; our cost-effective services cater to all.

Fresh Approach to Raffle Mailings

Through extensive collaboration with our clients in the hospice sector, we recently developed a fresh approach to raffle mailings. The result? Hello Raffle. Offering data protection by design, the simple booklet format eliminates a number of the risks involved with traditional prize draw packs. What’s more, Hello Raffle offers everything the traditional prize draw pack did plus a number of key benefits including reduced cost and highly personalised content.

Personalised Print on Demand

Our online platform Hello Market allows charity and hospice clients to create highly personalised mailings at any quantity. Whether you’re thanking supporters, communicating with volunteers or driving foot traffic to your next event, personalised direct mail is a highly persuasive tool. Hello Market allows you to quickly and easily add or create artwork, upload a mailing list and mail directly to your recipients. With high quality digital print and no minimum order, Hello Market is a great way for charities to generate increased engagement and drive even greater support.

Get in Touch

If you’re a representative of a charitable organisation, be it big or small, and are seeking ways to enhance your communication and outreach strategies, DM Print stands ready to assist. For a tailored solution that truly understands and amplifies your mission, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01535 509080, or alternatively request a free no-obligation quote. Let us help you make the difference you aim for.

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