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In today’s digital era, the efficacy of your mailing campaigns rests heavily on the accuracy and relevancy of your data. At DM Print, we’re acutely aware of the value nestled within your data. Our unparalleled data services are crafted not just to manage and store, but to harness the potential of this invaluable resource. Whether you’re aiming for meticulous data capturing, robust database management, or the precision of data cleaning, our experts stand ready. Read more to discover how we transform raw data into meaningful insights that drive tangible outcomes.

Data Capturing

DMP have a dedicated data capture team who will make sure your collected information is keyed in quickly and accurately.

We use bespoke data capturing software which we can setup to include data entry validation, discrete data values, data quantisation, and double capturing; you can be confident your information will be keyed in as provided. Data can then be supplied back to you in the format you request, or we can fulfil requests with personalised, printed mail packs.

Data Supply

We can supply data physically on CD, DVD, or memory stick; via email; via SFTP; via existing online APIs you have access to; or we can create a secure custom API for you to access the data from our systems.

Depending on your needs and available technology, we can supply data records as captured in real time or batched and delivered at scheduled times, be that hourly, daily, or upon completion of the current supply.

Database and List Management

DMP’s servers, situated in our secure data centre, allow us to host databases of all sizes from hundreds of records to hundreds of millions.

We can take your flat file based data collections and convert them into smart, queryable, modern databases which you can use to power your business analysis and marketing.

Online Access

We allow end users secure access to their data across the internet using a bespoke Rapid Database Deployment Solution we created in house called Dimension.

Dimension allows you to capture, search and view your data records securely using your internet browser; we also provide many other powerful data tools such as remote data selection and download using Dimension’s easy to use query builder.

We can also provide access to bespoke real time reporting which can give you a snapshot of your data at any time.

With a team of in-house software developers we can interface with any platform you require to retrieve or provide data safely and securely.

Dimension Features:

  • Secure online database hosting
  • Search, View, and Modify data records
  • Capture new records onto your database
  • Easy to use Query Builder
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Counting
  • Bespoke real time reporting
  • Custom permissions for multiple users
  • Upload and download files and documents to and from your database

We can convert any database into a Dimension database; if you have a database in a different format or a collection of customer records and/or transaction records we can construct a database for you to interact with.

For more information about Dimension, or to register your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01535 509080 or request a free, no-obligation quote.

Data Cleaning and Processing

Data cleaning is the process of improving data files and databases by removing or correcting data that may be incorrect, out of date, incomplete, duplicated, or irrelevant.

Personal data can go out of date very quickly unless it is maintained; to keep your data up to date it should be regularly cleaned, especially before mailing out marketing materials.

Sending communications using inaccurate consumer data can cost you both money and customers; nobody wants to receive a mailing where their personal information is wrong.

Cleaning Processes

Cleaning your data is easy: simply call us on 01535 509080 and speak to one of our data cleaning experts who will be able to recommend which of our data cleaning or data enhancement services you might need.

Suppression Services:

  • Goneaway Processing – NCoA/GAS
  • Deceased Suppression Files – The Bereavement Register/Mortascreen
  • Data Deduplication
  • Deceased Words
  • Data Exclusions
  • Free Healthcheck
  • Customer Suppression Files
  • MPS Suppressions
  • TPS Suppressions
  • Email Validation

Enhancement Services:

  • Duplicate Merging
  • Name Formatting
  • Address Formatting
  • Other Data Formatting
  • Teleappending
  • PAF Correction – Royal Mail Postal Address File

Licence File Glossary

The leading source of deceased data in the UK. Almost 9 million records are listed at their last known address and the file is updated monthly with on average 60,000 new records accounting for over 90% of all deaths in the UK.

Another source of deceased data in the UK which can be used in conjunction with Mortascreen to provide the best possible chance of suppressing the maximum number of deceased individuals.

The National Change of Address (NCOA) is a dataset that is sourced from the Royal Mail’s redirection service that keeps track of customers who move house. There are over 23 million records in the NCOA® Update file, and it is growing by 1.2 million every year.

Provided by The REaD Group this suppression file contains over 70 million goneaways.

Data Sorting for Mailing

Delivery services offer large discounts if you pre-sort your mailing data and bag up your mailing items before collection, but with the many sortation options available from the different delivery companies it can be a minefield choosing the correct one.

Let our team of mail sorting experts guide you through the process of designing and sorting your mailing packs to obtain the best possible discount from your chosen delivery provider.

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From capturing the first byte to executing the final sortation for mailing, our comprehensive suite of data services offers a seamless solution for all your data needs. If you’re ready to embark on a data-driven future with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01535 509080 or request a free, no-obligation quote.

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